We provide complete production of stator windings for single phase and three phase synchronous and asynchronous motors. This is the 2-22 pole stators with a shaft height up to 500mm.

We produce stators for:

  • servo-motors, power from 0,2 kW to 31,4 kW
  • gearless elevator machines and torque motors, power from 0,7 kW to 123 kW
  • main drives the power of 3.7 kW to 700kW

Our services:

  • Winding coils
  • Insert the winding
  • Isolation of phases
  • Winding connection
  • Shaping the winding heads
  • Banding of winding heads
  • Measurement of the complete stator
  • Vacuum imregnation

Winding coils

We produce stator coils according to drawings from customers, for rated voltage up to 660V. Production of coils is made of round enamel covered wire, always reinforced triple isolation from cross-section from 0,15 mm2 to 1,5 mm2. Winding is made in semi-automatic and automatic coil winding machines of DIELL.

Insert the winding

All coils are inserted into the stators packets by hand, experienced staff, to guarantee high products quality.

Isolation of phases

Stripping phases is carried out of isolation tesa band or interleaving paper with a very high electric strength, or. other materials according to customer requirements.

Winding connection

Connection is made according to drawings supplied by the customer, where the individual link coil connection and connecting coil tags is pressing for the cross-section diameters from 16 mm2 to 120 mm2, or welding with welding machine for bottle gas and oxygen.

Shaping the winding heads

Shaping the winding heads coil is on hand and hydraulic presses with press preparations. This is because of following exact measures according to customer´s needs. For reason of the neat size keeping to comply with precise dimensions according to customer needs.

Banding of winding heads

The connected and sculptured winding heads are binded with binding threads or tesa band with a very high electric strength, according to customers requirements. After the bandages there will be the final calibration of the winding heads stators size.

Measurement of the complete stator

All completed stators are electrically measured and tested on the measuring machine made by Schleich. Each tested stators have a printed measuring protocol (report), which clearly shows the measured values by the customers requirements.

Vacuum impregnation

Following our customers requests, their winding stators can be impregnated. We have a vacuum impregnation line from Ballon Instrument s.r.o. company available. Our methods of impregnation allow us to use more programmes to achieve optimal results that are caused by using impregnation varnish Dolphon XL2102 as well. The impregnation process is electronically placed upon record,and on customers´ request, the data could be made available to them.