Vacuum impregnation

01.07.2013 10:38
Taking into consideration the fact that impregnation is an important part of the production of electrical stators, we have decided to offer this to our customers. It saves our customers time on one thing, and for another things, impregnation protects stators and winding against external influences. We impregnate using a vacuum impregnation line (manufacturer: Ballon Instrument) and to achieve optimal results, we use several programmes. This process of impregnation is automated and is subsequently electronically recorded/ detected in a type of record, which is used to establish the optimum impregnation. For optimum performance we use an impregnating Varnic Dolphon XL2102 (class H). Using an impregnating container with a diameter 1200 mm and height of 600 mm, we are able to satisfy most of our customers.

Increasing of our employees´professional qualification

27.05.2013 08:00
The company OLYMP Most s.r.o. have obtained a grant to increase a professional qualification of employees based on on the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment. The project was launched on 1st May 2013 and will run until 31st October 2014. The purpose of the grant is to increase the level of qualification, professional skills and knowledge of employees through implementation of a special traning.

Our product range:

13.07.2012 08:00
A complete production of stator winding for single phase and three phase synchronous and asynchronous motors - 2 to 22 pole stators with shaft (an axial) height up to 500 mm - winding as requested by the customer - use of modern winding machines - quality testing using the state of the art technology - deliveries "just in time" - stable and long-term cooperation - complete transport services directly to the customer